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Instructional Technology Coordinator
March 8, 2017

The NewsPOP site gives students access to current news events and features across the disciplines. The Articles are color coded by discipline. There are topic filters located at the bottom of the page making it easy to search for topic specific news features.

The NewsPOP Web based and app are user friendly. Students can access current news articles via a category filter. The site was created by a news reporter who wanted her children to have access to current news in a safe environment. The app is one you create following their directions:”It’s not available in the App Store, but there is an easy way to get a NewsPop “app” on your phone’s homescreen. Here’s how: simply open the web browser on your mobile device and navigate to Once the site fully loads, hit the “Save to Homescreen” button. Name it “NewsPop” and remove any extra words that appear, and voila – you have an app. This works on both iOS and Android devices.” Very easy to create”