NewseumED offers free educational programs, primary sources and standards-aligned resources that focus on history, media literacy, civics and the First Amendment.

Since 1997, we’ve produced educational resources and experiences powered by the content and collection of the Newseum. As part of the Freedom Forum Institute, our on-site offerings include free classes for visiting school groups, professional development workshops and adult team-building experiences. Online, we offer free access to historical front pages, videos and artifacts in the Newseum collection as well as lesson plans and interactive learning tools. In fall 2015, we debuted our new website and rebranded ourselves NewseumED. Within the first year, the number of registered website users soared 240%. We now reach over 10 million students, teachers and lifelong learners around the globe.

The rebranding gives us our own identity and demonstrates our commitment to provide educational tools to cultivate the skills needed to be well-informed and empowered participants in crucial conversations about our nation’s past, present and future. Our content is framed by the freedoms and ideals protected by the First Amendment, which acts as a springboard to explore more about the opportunities and challenges of our democracy.


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Parent, student, Coach, Mentor
January 18, 2019

Professional Development Tool & Tip

To assist teachers in developing flipped classrooms and suggesting the exploration of the SAMR Model.

Tech Coach, Teacher
April 27, 2016

NewseumEd is the website for the Newseum, the museum dedicated to news-history, located at 555 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, D.C. I’ve passed it many a time on my trips to the District of Colombia with my students who were participating in the National History Day competition but the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum has always won the museum elections. NewseumEd is supported by the National Council for the Social Sciences because Newseum does an amazing job of connecting history and the news. Newseum proves the old saw that those who fail to learn from the mistakes of history are doomed to repeat them … repeat them … repeat them …
The site has a distinct Web 2.0 look/feel, being clean, smooth, and logically organized. A link takes you to the resources page that contains hundreds of standards-aligned lesson plans and artifacts (PSDs, interviews, etc.) Information on free workshops for both students and teachers support actual and virtual visits to the Newseum. Professional development for teachers is also available here. Additionally, NewseumEd hosts an EdCommunity where teachers can share ideas and lesson plans

Zero concerns. This site needs to be used.

Sample Uses
This site works perfectly for MS & HS history and government classes. Journalism classes will benefit as well.

Do I plan to use it?
Yes! For both in-class and National History Day research, NewseumEd is a great resource!

Commitment and Learning Curve
Low. Just take time to explore.

Best for ES MS or HS?
MS, HS, Teachers


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