Newsela builds reading comprehension by delivering relevant, daily articles from trusted news sources at the reading level that’s just right for you. It is effective, engaging, and easy to use.

Articles span such topics as arts, astronomy, economics, geopolitics, music, sports and zoology. With every article published at five different reading levels, even the most hesitant readers can become news junkies.

As you read and take quizzes, the Newsela app automatically adjusts the reading level to keep you challenged and engaged. You can also keep track of your improvement over time as Newsela visualizes your progress for you.


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Newsela Free Multiple new articles every day – each at five reading levels, organized by category and reading standard. One-click assignment of articles to classes. Teachers' view of class-wide results. No individual results or student dashboards.
Newsela PRO Get a quote Kindling insatiable curiosity in young minds. Equipping students with the skills they need to succeed. That's why teaching is your calling. That's why passionate educators choose Newsela PRO. For administrators, Newsela PRO is your ally as you lead teachers in mastering the Common Core. Know where your staff and students stand in literacy and chart the course where you want to go.


February 29, 2016

The past fews weeks I’ve hosted literacy and technology workshops for teachers across the country. Newsela is one of the resources I share when discussing how to differentiate instruction with technology tools. Newsela is now available for iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) and makes it easy for students and teachers to locate leveled news articles. Newsela’s new iOS app lets readers find “just-right” current events articles. When you open up Newsela and locate an interesting article, the app lets you toggle between different reading levels. This…

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September 12, 2014

This platform has a lot of potential. The real-world information combined with the ability to provide customized and differentiated learning experiences for students is very attractive. However, at present, the offering falls short of its promise in several respects. First, the writing technique leaves something to be desired. Ambiguity and poor writing abound in the articles, making the comprehension tests based on this material undiagnostic at best. Second, there are some outright inaccuracies in what is considered a right/wrong answer, which will confuse students and cause frustration in addition to creating a miss on the learning front. Overall, this seems like a nice adjunct to a live teacher, but the beta phase might have benefited from closer scrutiny and further development. This is too important a time in kids’ education and too delicate a transition to common core for a major part of the curriculum to be managed by a flawed software program. Nice ideas, poor execution.

March 17, 2014

This is a great resource for getting informational text as well as give the student readings in some current events that they may understand. At this site, there are numerous news articles from different subjects such as science, art, health, money, law, etc. Each article also has the capability to change the reading level. This can come in handy when reading about a specific topic and being able to have a variety of the same content at different reading levels.

October 16, 2013

I do professional development with teachers and will be highly recommending Newsela as a resource for informational text. There’s a lot to like about this from an instructional point of view as well as in terms of teacher management tools. Instructionally, this gives students access to information text from reputable news sources such as AP and Reuters but each article has been rewritten as varied Lexile levels. Teachers can create classes and have students enroll using a class code. Once enrolled, the teacher can assign articles, view the results of quizzes taken and see when students completed the reading. I would highly recommend this!