Nessy Fingers Touch Typing


Nessy Fingers Touch Typing has a unique method – keys are introduced in the order of the alphabet! The huge advantage of the Nessy approach is rapid learning. It takes just 5 lessons to learn all the keys!

There are 9 games to practice your typing. Battle dragons, play soccer shootout with gorillas and roll giant snowballs at penguins! As you progress you collect awards in the Hall of Fame and unlock new characters. Mastering the keyboard will give you a flying start at school and this has got to be the most fun you’ll have learning to type.

The lessons include special Nessy strategies and memory techniques. The games make practice great fun! Instead of typing odd letter combinations, Nessy Fingers uses real words which helps improve spelling.

Developing keyboard skills is especially important for those with a slow writing speed or handwriting that is difficult to read.

Enter an underwater swimming race in the Nessy Time Trial and win a mountain full of typing trophies. The program sets a level that matches your best speed and encourages accuracy. 9 levels of difficulty enable even the slowest typist to get started and succeed.

Nessy Fingers has to be installed onto a Windows computer.

Recommended for ages 8+

CD version: Win XP – Win 8

Download version: Win XP – Win 10

Not compatible with tablets or Mac.


Plan Price Details
Nessy Fingers Touch Typing $30.00/computer Grades 2-5 / ages 8-11.