NASA Virtual Field Trip


The Virtual Field Trip is an immersive multimedia application developed to support student and user exploration of areas on Earth that have been identified as analog sites to regions on Mars. Analog sites are those areas that share some common traits with sites on Mars and have been identified based on their significance and importance to NASA.

Within the application, users are taken from a global view directly down to a surface view of a site. They are then seamlessly placed into a 360 degree spherical virtual reality surface panorama of that location. Next users navigate around the site selecting various objects and scientists to learn more about how and why this site was chosen, how it relates to Mars, and why it is of interest. The environment consists of various linked 360 degree spherical stitched virtual reality environments, 3D based layered environments, global fly downs, as well as compressed streaming video files within each area of research.

*Virtual Field Trip was created by NASA in collaboration with the Macquarie University at Sydney, the Australian Centre for Astrobiology and the ICT Innovations Center at Macquarie University.


  • VFT is a free, educational software download of immersive, complete Spherical interactive panoramas to transport users into remote and exciting locations to view and listen to scientists as they work.
  • New visual data from the Outback of Western Australia.
  • A new online database links users to additional exciting multimedia resources and content.
  • New data from other Mars analog sites are coming shortly, so be sure to bookmark this page and come back soon!


Plan Price Details
NASA Virtual Field Trip Free Free for use.