Music History Flashcards


Music History Flashcards is a set of virtual flashcards covering the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern eras (1600 – present).

The app is intended to be a study aid for students preparing for the Royal Conservatory of Music’s History 1 Overview exam, and other similar exams. It may also interest music appreciation students. There are 439 multiple choice questions, divided into six categories from which the user can choose: musical terms, composers’ styles, composers’ repertoire, composers’ biographies, score excerpts and representative works. Starting with version 1.5 you can also answer questions by era. The answer screens generally include additional background information relating to the the question.

The app records the student’s score and keeps a track of the highest score per category, as well as the average score.


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Music History Flashcards $0.99 Compatible with Android and iOS devices.