Most Dangerous Writing

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Great tool for experiencing the qualities of “free writing” which expects writers to suspend judgement and any editing . . . just go with the flow . . . any words will do . . . don’t concern yourself with edits of any kind. Just get the words out. The magic of this site is any pausing or stopping of writing will turn the text written RED . . . and if the writer doesn’t proceed . . . YIKES all the text on the screen disappears. After the time selected to write has been used up . . . writers can export what they have written. It’s magic!


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Most Dangerous Writing Free Free for use.


Digital Storyteller
July 18, 2019

Check Out the Video @

Digital Storyteller
July 17, 2019

This tool is spot on for supporting the pedagogical practice of “free writing.” Not sure i would use it consistently . . . but as an introduction to the basic rules of free writing which is JUST KEEP WRITING without judgement or pause. After that student writers can choose to use or not! I highly recommend this tool

Digital Storyteller
July 17, 2019

This is the best tool i have ever seen for learning and practicing the mind set for “free writing” . . . it is pedagogically spot on!