Morphi is a simple, powerful 3D design+ 3D printing app for all! Create 3D models (STLs) on the go with touch, without wifi or a mouse. Use with 3D Printing, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and more. Try Morphi for free+buy paid features in our In-App Store or through Morphi Edu for 20+ volume purchases.

Morphi has many uses including visualization, creating 3D models, inventions+prototypes, as a teaching tool for Maker education (MakerEd) + STEAM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art+Math), for stop motion animation, product design, graphic design + more. Key features:

2Dto3D. Draw 3D objects freehand+edit them with shapes+text libraries. Take flat, high contrast images (pngs/jpgs) from the Photo Album or Camera (experimental features) + create editable 3D designs. Images can be also downloaded from Adobe Creative Cloud. Adjust line thickness with Line Adjuster. Erase individual lines with Eraser or erase the entire screen with Clear All. Experiment with X and Y Mirroring Tools. Revolve lines 90, 180, 270 and 360 degrees to create unique objects.

TYPE. Create amazing 3D text in over 75+ fonts by typing on the keyboard.

SHAPES. Create 3D models using our 3D shapes library combined with 3D objects from 2Dto3D+Type Tools. Some shapes have hidden features (like ability to add extra sides to certain shapes or bend shapes at different angles).

COLOR. Full range of vibrant colors, tints + shades.

SIMPLE, POWERFUL 3D MODELING TOOLS. Morphi simplifies + streamlines standard 3D modeling features (like rotate, scale, merge, subtract, group/ungroup, transforms, pan+other functions) to make it easier+more enjoyable to create in 3D.

MORPHI iPAD+MAC APPS + ADOBE CREATIVE CLOUD INTEGRATION – Files can be opened+edited between Morphi’s iPad+Mac apps by exporting+uploading files with Adobe Creative Cloud (free file storage).

UPLOAD + EDIT STLs FROM OTHER 3D MODELING SOFTWARE. Upload STLs to Adobe Creative Cloud. Download+edit files in Morphi using the Creative Cloud button in the gallery.

EXPORTING STLs FROM MORPHI. Export STLs in the Gallery by email (for 3D printing) or by uploading to Adobe Creative Cloud (for future editing) or Thingiverse (for 3D printing). Wifi required.

3D PRINTING. Prepare your STL file for 3D printing following printer/printing service guidelines. 3D printers vary, but generally you need to upload STLs to slicing software for printing. You can also upload to Adobe Creative Cloud for slicing+3D printing using Photoshop’s 3D features.

CHANGE GRID SIZE. In Settings, customize the grid size to match your 3D printer build volume.

SAVE+EDIT. 3D models are saved on iPad by pressing Save Button+can be edited at any time.

ALIGNMENT. When 2 or more objects are selected, Alignment Tools popup for aligning objects left, right or center on x, y and z axes.

RULER. Measure objects in millimeters or inches.

SCALING. 3 ways to scale: direct input of exact dimensions with Transforms Button, quick resizing with Scaling Sliders + Precision Scaling Tools for more precise object resizing.

3D OBJECT MOVEMENT. Add objects to grid by tapping or sliding. Select+move objects easily horizontally by tapping+sliding or vertically with the new Up/Down Tool. Select all for easy grouping.

GRID MOVEMENT. Morphi has a fully movable 3D grid with panning.To build a model, you’ll need to move the grid+3D objects.You can control the grid by sliding your fingers across the grid or use the grid toolbar for more controlled movement.You can also lock the grid.

CLIPBOARD. Cut+paste objects from one scene to another.

SHADOWS. Shadows are important tools that tell you where an object is on the grid. By following objects’ shadows, you can more precisely move objects+build 3D models.

IDEAS. Check out pre-made 3D models in the Gallery under Ideas.

HIDEABLE TOOLBARS. For space maximization.

CHANGE YOUR ENVIRONMENT. Using Settings, change the Background or Grid.

HELP. Press the Help Button+watch YouTube tutorials.


Plan Price Details
Morphi Free Free iPad app.
Morphi Edu $9.99 Paid iPad app.
Morphi for Desktop $9.99 For those purchasing less than 20 licenses. A 15-day free trial version is available.
Morphi for Desktop $4.99 Full paid version for desktops and laptops, available for $4.99 per license (a 50% volume discount) for schools, libraries, businesses + others buying 20+ licenses. For those purchasing in volume, use the 50%OFF code.