Moody Me


Have more happy days! Track your mood with the Moody Me mood tracker app to find out what makes you feel good. Log your mood, note what affects it and record any treatments you’re taking. Take pictures of what makes you happy and play them back for an instant lift. Or see what makes you sad so you can better manage your mood. Whether you are managing a mood disorder, want to see how certain medications affect you or just want a snapshot of your disposition, Moody Me is the app for you!

Created by MedHelp, the world’s largest health community, in partnership with GE Healthymagination.


  • Track your moods whenever, wherever
  • Take pictures of what makes you happy or see what makes you sad so you can better manage your mood
  • If you’re feeling down, play a slideshow of your happy photos for an instant lift!
  • View a gallery of your mood photos to learn what makes you feel good or bad
  • Record events (such as work stress, financial or relationship issues, or menstrual cycles); various symptoms (like anxiety or fatigue); and any treatments you may be taking (including medications) and to see exactly what affects your mood
  • See how your mood changes from day-to-day and month-to-month with colorful graphs
  • See how your mood trended over the last 90 days to get the big-picture view
  • Calendar view quickly shows how you were feeling on a given day and what influenced your mood
  • Post questions and get answers to your mood concerns in MedHelp’s free support communities
  • Whether you’re managing a mood disorder or just want to see how you’re feeling, Moody Me can help!


  • Sync/backup your data online to MedHelp’s free Mood Tracker app
  • Access to your information online from any computer
  • Add information online and have it automatically sync to your iPhone
  • Print out all your mood data from — great for doctor appointments!

Note: This Software is intended for informational and educational use only. Please consult your health care provider for any health concerns.


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Moody Me - Mood Diary and Tracker Free Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.


March 8, 2013

I have used both Moody Me and iMoodJournal. As I wrote in my review for iMoodJournal, being a single homeschool mother can be tough and I believe it is important to keep up a smile.

In my opinion, Moody Me is better because it is free and allows me to take photos of happy things, then play them in a slideshow. I use photos of my daughters when they were little babies, and my dog of course. Both always bring a smile to my face.

The charts are very helpful. I can see patterns in my energy levels and restructure my days when necessary.

The main downside of Moody Me is that it is not as easy to use. iMoodJournal has a better design. But for the price, Moody Me is hard to beat.