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Verrifying your math solutions – solved intelligently.

ModusOperandi enables pupils, students, teachers and parents to get handwritten math problems verified through the simple click on a button.

How does M.O. work?
Solve: Solve your exercises and tasks as you did before.
Scan: Scan your handwritten solution with M.O. or upload a picture of your solution.

Learn: Get instant feedback on whether your solution is right or wrong.
Find out why you calculated something wrong and get hints on how to solve it correctly. You will also get similar tasks for further practice.

For students
+ task verification within seconds
+ get hints and explanation videos
+ available at any time

ModusOperandi is your teacher in pocket, we’re always by your side. You can verify your exercises within seconds. If you made a mistake, you’ll receive tailored hints on how to solve your problem correctly.
You will also get short explanatory videos to repeat the topic.

Still don’t get it? No Problem! Send your assignment to your teacher. Therefore you only have to enter the Teacher Code you got from your teacher in your profile.


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ModusOperandi Free Free for use.


October 7, 2023

ModusOperandi is a great app for everyone learning math, as it provides real feedback on your own solution path.
Compared to other apps it does not solve an exercise for you, but really verify it

– easy to use: solve with pen and paper, take a picture, get the verification
– gives explanations, videos and hints when you did a mistake
– capability to send problems to a tutor to get help if needed
– working great on simplifications, equations, integrals, derivatives…

– some math cannot be analyzed yet, like limits

I can highly recommend the app as it really helps to understand when you have done a mistake

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