In addition to offering incredible curriculum and powerful features, MobyMax is the first and only completely integrated curriculum and teacher tools system. MobyMax will offer Math, Language, Reading, and Writing with the goal of continuing to add new integrated subjects…without increasing our price!

For All Students

MobyMax is for all students. Moby’s adaptive curriculum creates a unique, individualized education plan for each student, allowing gifted students to progress as quickly as they like while simultaneously ensuring that remedial students get the extra instruction they need. You’ve never experienced differentiation like this in the classroom.

For Special Ed and RTI

MobyMax finds and fixes missing skills to help students overcome learning disabilities. MobyMax’s automatic IEP reporting is a real timesaver for special ed teachers.

Differentiated Curriculum with Progress Monitoring

With the help of diagnostic placement tests, MobyMax is able to create a unique curriculum for each student. Moby targets areas where the student is struggling and doesn’t waste time reteaching concepts that students have already mastered. Student data is continually updated as students progress, so you know exactly how each student is performing on all standards in the common core.

Find-Learn-Practice-Review Cycle

The catalyst behind MobyMax’s efficiency and effectiveness in the classroom is the Find-Learn-Practice-Review Cycle. MobyMax is able to teach students up to 3 times as fast as other curricula by finding missing skills, teaching those skills with targeted instruction, practicing skills until mastery is demonstrated, and implementing a review cycle to ensure complete retention.


Plan Price Details
Free Free Unlimited students & groups. K-8 math curriculum. Math fact master. K-12 vocabulary. Language (grammar). Printable worksheets. Lesson results. Training. Support (phone, email, web). Sweepstakes. Parent portal.
Unlimited Teacher Pro License $99/year Your Teacher Pro license is for 12 months with an unlimited number of students and includes all features.
Unlimited School Pro License $1295/year Your school license is for 12 months with an unlimited number of teachers and students and includes all features.
Unlimited District Pro License Contact for details The district license is for all your schools in your district. Save up to 50%!


September 18, 2016

This is good tool no doubt but need to be careful in some areas of teachings.

I was alarmed when my 8 year old daughter point out to a lesson in Social Studies on Culture and Customs. He accurately called it DUMB. I was shocked but agreed with her when I reviewed the Lesson. In this lesson it was being taught that ” In America it is polite to say Thank you and Please but same thing in INDIA is considered rude.” Whoever wrote that lesson should have his/her head examined. This should be corrected immediately before you damage/pollute young minds.

Instructional Technology Coordinator
September 12, 2016

We were excited to be able to use this tool in our elementary school last year. However, disappointed to see a price increase of almost double from $699 to $1295 for this year. We are a small district, not sure that is going to happen. :-(

Elementary Educator
July 6, 2014

I used this tool last year with my second graders. It is FABULOUS. It’s a way to collect more data on what you need to focus on with students. My second graders loved doing the numbers section working with an abacus. The language second hits on the grammar skills we often have a hard time fitting in to curriculum. Love his site for all subject areas.