MindSnacks Learn Spanish


Start reading, speaking & learning Spanish today with MindSnacks! Our language apps feature 9 addictive games that build essential vocabulary & conversation skills. Perfect for students or travelers of any age who want to learn Spanish.

This app will teach you the language skills you need (and without subjecting you to boring flashcards). Soon you’ll be able to get directions, order food, meet new friends, shop, relax — and more!

“Learn Spanish” includes one free level for your enjoyment! Upgrade to activate all 50 levels and you’ll quickly have no problem understanding everyday Spanish.


  • Nine unique mini-games
  • 1000+ words and phrases to master
  • Native speaker audio clips and hand-illustrated image library
  • 50 Spanish lessons designed by Ivy League instructors (Upgrade required for full access)
  • Personalized learning algorithms to maximize memorization, retention & contextual usage
  • Enhanced review mode lets you focus on current or mastered lessons
  • Additional quests & challenges to keep you motivated

Why Choose MindSnacks

Learning Spanish for school, work or travel? MindSnacks makes it easy to learn languages with 9 challenging games you’ll want to play again and again. Each game teaches a specific aspect of a new language, creating a well-rounded learning experience that goes far beyond basic vocabulary flashcards. You’ll quickly be less reliant on an Spanish dictionary or phrasebook — plus you’ll learn the grammar and vocabulary you need for traveling in Spain or other Spanish-speaking countries.

Our unique algorithm reinforces this learning process using proven methods from the field of memory studies. Over time, the games adapt to your individual performance, selectively repeating Spanish words, phrases and grammatical points with which you struggled in past lessons. Complete the lessons, games and side quests, and your avatar will grow smarter and brighter — just like you.

Great for people just starting out with Spanish as well as beginner and intermediate learners!


Plan Price Details
Learn Spanish Free Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.
50 Spanish Levels $4.99 In-app purchases.