While the human element of teaching mathematics can never be replaced, and is ultimately the best way of helping a student understand new material, the monitoring of a student’s understanding (which is just as important as the initial delivery of the material), can be greatly enhanced by utilising current and growing technology.

Mathematics is a subject that requires the greatest need for attention to a student’s understanding due to the fact that every topic from a primary level, to the end of a student’s secondary career, is interrelated and built upon assumed knowledge that a student has acquired in previous years. If a student’s lack of cognition, therefore, is not addressed as soon as it occurs, it inevitably has a compounding effect with regard to their understanding of any related topics that are subsequently taught.

Mathspace has been developed by a core group of educators, programmers, and even derivatives traders joined only by their passion for maths and for teaching it to kids. It has been built from the ground up to be exactly what teachers need to teach and students need to learn.

There is no other e-Learning site which currently has the ability to allow students to demonstrate their process of reasoning at such depth, Mathspace is a quantum leap forward in terms of changing the way in which the current maths learning process is delivered.

Mathspace is also available on the iPad – your favourite online Maths textbook, workbook and mark book just got better.

Mathspace is the first computer based system that allows students to complete full worked solutions to problems online and receive instant feedback and help at every step.

Why would anyone carry a Math textbook when Mathspace has a bank of over 10,000 interactive questions covering everything from addition to algebra, geometry to graphing, probability to statistics. Mathspace is currently aligned with both the Australian Curriculum and the NSW syllabus from Grades 7 to 11. Grade 12 will be covered in 2014.

iPad Extra Features

  • Math writing Recognition: Now you can write your step by step working and Mathspace will recognise your handwriting and be able to mark your answers on the spot.

Important Notes for Users

  • Requires iOS 5 or greater
  • Not optimised for iPad 1
  • Supports student log-ins only (teachers app coming soon)

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Plan Price Details
Mathspace iPad app Free This app is designed for iPad.
Mathspace Single Student Subscription $19.95/month Includes: Over 10,000 fully-interactive questions; Covers the NSW Syllabus - Years 7 to 10 only; Australian National Curriculum ready - Years 7 to 10 only; Access to hints, explanations, and fully-worked solutions; Type mathematical expressions, plot graphs, and explain full geometric reasoning; Personalised reviews and revision exercises; Mathspace motivators and rewards; Tests and exam-style questions on every topic; Round the clock support; Access 24 / 7; Education Tax Refund - you may be eligible to receive 50% of your subscription cost back, through the Education Tax Refund. See for more details. The best interactive maths education tool suite available today.
Mathspace School License Contact for details Whole of School Licences are available from Mathspace at a substantially discounted rate. Contact us to arrange for a full demonstration of our amazing Teacher Tool Suite and to discuss your schools specific budgetary requirements today.