Math With Your Friends


Math With Your Friends is a fun twist on a classic board game, and a unique new challenge!

Instead of letters, tiles show numbers (0-9) and operators (+ – * / =). Instead of words, players make mathematical equations to score points. Increase your score by taking advantage of multipliers on the game board.

Invite your friends to play the game directly from your contacts. Use built-in chat to send important messages to your opponent, or simply to brag about your move.

Math With Your Friends is the the best way to show your friends that you’re smarter than them!Keywords:math, mathematics, game, board, fun, play, scrabble, practice, calculating, calculations, calculate, think, thinking, smart, friend, friends, multiplayer, brain, learn, learning, mwyf, school, teach, teaching, with, your, fun


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Math with your Friends Game Free Free mobile app.