Math vs Zombies


Zombies are attacking your house and only you can stop them … with your math-powered weapons!

Twenty four exciting levels let you sharpen your addition, subtraction and multiplication skills along with having loads of fun at the same time!

Get ready to exercise your brains.

Game Play

  • You must clear 8 levels in order to eradicate the zombie menace.
  • In each level, the zombies will spawn and advance towards you.
  • Each zombie has a question displayed on its head. Type in the correct answer to destroy the zombie.
  • Ammo packs are also available throughout the game. Solve the question displayed on them to get more ammo.
  • If you start running low on health, health packs will appear on the screen which can again be unlocked by solving the question on top of them.

Game Features

  • 3 detailed, extremely fun to play worlds with 8 levels each.
  • Questions support addition, subtraction and multiplication problems.
  • Complete Open Feint integration with over 15 achievements.
  • Global leader boards for each level.


Plan Price Details
Math vs Zombies $0.99 Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.


July 1, 2013

I looked at the reviews on the iTunes Store, and many people said that the app crashes.

Homeschool Mom
January 10, 2013

I used this game as a supplement to my basic math exercises. Sometimes, I was even able to use it as a reward, which was like a double bonus — I was able to “sneak” some teaching in while making it seem like a fun game. I would recommend this game to colleagues.