MashPlant Studio


MashPlant Studio is a platform for multimedia sharing in the classroom that combines the power of social media with the engagement of creative, project-based learning.

MashPlant Studio Features

  • Safe and teacher moderated both in and outside of school.
  • Accessible 24/7 on any computer, tablet, or smartphone at
  • FREE and easy to use with a fun, engaging interface.
  • Exclusive content and resources focused on the creative arts.
  • Capable of hosting all multimedia formats in the project workspace.
  • Access to worldwide network of creative professionals and celebrity mentors.

What can MashPlant Studio do for your classroom?

  • Increase student engagement by giving them a safe, supportive space to showcase their creative projects.
  • Promote creative thinking and problem solving.
  • Develop constructive criticism and digital citizenship skills.
  • Improve overall classroom community.


Plan Price Details
MashPlant Studio Free Free for use.


Assistant Director of Musical Theatre
September 24, 2013

I used Mashplant Studio during the production of our junior high musical, and it was the perfect space for my creative and social media-focused students. They uploaded videos of themselves performing musical selections from our show, which encouraged them to practice harder and more often, motivate their peers, and discover talents within themselves and among their friends.

The kids gravitated to Mashplant immediately because it is so user-friendly, intuitive and fun. They felt comfortable knowing that only the cast and crew of our show could see our studio, and they each found a sort of private practice space for themselves which showcased their abilities. Using this platform absolutely enhanced not only our production experience, but also the resulting performances of our show.

I highly recommend Mashplant Studio for any creative arts class, or for anyone who enjoys organizing everything in one place, safely and efficiently, for technology-aided learning.

Music Teacher
September 24, 2013

I used Mashplant Studio in my 8th grade class last year to help students connect with the content they learned about the U.S. Constitution and the time period in which it took place. In just one semester @ 80 minutes a week, students were able to write, perform, film, and edit their own historical fiction scripts about the U.S. Constitution.

Because of Mashplant Studio’s ability to streamline the creative a collaborative process, the students were able to get so much done in such a small amount of time. The best part was that Mashplant Studio allowed all the teachers involved with this project to check the students work and to give them feedback. This instant feedback was the result of Mashplant Stuido’s social media-like user interface – students can simply upload their work to the studio at the end of every class. It’s easy for them to use because of the familiar feel, and it allows students to comment on each other’s work as well. Plus, they can upload from anywhere — Mashplant Studio makes cross curricular projects a breeze.

Mashplant Studio also has pretty entertaining and informative in-house tutorial videos. I wanted the student in our calss to all have the same filming process. For this we watched one of Mashplants tutorials on how to film a movie. Our students were taught and used the same process that they use for high-budget movies and TV shows. I even think I saw Jim Belushi hosting the acting video.

My favorite part about Mashplant Studio – from an educators standpoint – is that it is safe. Everything that is posted is protected by Mashplant Studio and is “inward-facing”. The public cannot see it.

Mashplant is definitely an up-and-comer in education – especially since technology and education are coming closer together. I highly recommend Mashplant Studio for all of your creative and collaborative needs.

September 20, 2013

I love Mashplant! It is exactly what I needed. I’m collaborating with a school in Belgium. We are uploading videos. The amazing thing is that it is completely safe, only people with the password can see the videos AND the teacher has to moderate each user, comment, upload, etc. It’s perfect for high school!