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Welcome to MakeUseOf, a booming daily blog that features cool websites, computer tips, and downloads that make you more productive. The aim of MakeUseOf is to guide you through the web and tell you about hot websites that you have never heard of, best software programs, and all kinds of "how to" tips for Windows, Mac and Linux computer users.

MakeUseOf launched in July 2006 and now has approximately 450,000 active subscribers and serves about 15 million pageviews a month. It also ranks among the most popular blogs on the web according to Technorati and in top 1000 websites worldwide according to Alexa (an AOL company).

Over the last two years MakeUseOf has been recommended by several mainstream sites and mentioned in hugely popular publications such as Telegraph, Fast Company, the Washington Post, and PC Magazine, including their Top 100 Websites for three consecutive years. Moreover, the site has been recommended on several radio shows and TV programs like DL.TV, Palm Breeze CAFE, DiggNation and KNLS Radio's "Eye On The Web".


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August 29, 2012

Make Use of blog site will benefit students. Students can use this blog site to get ideas for various topics. For instance, a student could use the blog site to help her decide on an essay or research topic.