Free. Disposable. Email.

  • Use any inbox you like
  • No Sign-up
  • Inboxes are created when email arrives for them
  • Make up email addresses on the fly
  • Make-up address, give it to others, come here and check inbox!
  • RSS/Atom feeds for every Inbox
  • Give out a Mailinator address any time you need an email address but don’t want to get spammed!


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Mailinator Free Free inboxes that can hold up to 10 messages at once.


January 9, 2013

I have use Mailinator both inside the classroom and out. Sometimes students or teachers need an email address to register for a site online, but students may not have an email address and teachers may be reluctant to share their address with a yet untrusted source. Mailinator offers free, temporary email service that can be used as a “throw away” email account. No registration is necessary to use Mailinator.