Lumos Stepup

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The Lumos Stepup for parents provides parents with various insights to monitor and track the progress of their child’s learning path. The AI-powered Test Prep Solution helps parents to find out the strengths and weaknesses of the student and also automatically assigns remedial assessments to fill the learning gaps. It helps students to improve their state assessment scores, skills, and learning abilities. With 460,000+ students and 35000+ parents, Lumos stepup is a trusted and proven solution for various state assessment preparations and learning improvements. Students see a 15%-25% Increase in their state assessment scores.


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July 9, 2021

The tool helps a parent in Identifying the various strengths and weaknesses of their child and assign remedial tests to mitigate those weaknesses. The AI-powered solution comes with a ton of features to make the learning process much easier and effective for both the parents and the students.