The best way for young kids to learn about making music!

“It’s a sickeningly charming world that will make you feel like Peter Pan for a few minutes.” – Fast Company

LOOPIMAL is a building kit of handcrafted animations and sounds.

The possibilities of creations and compositions are endless. With an intuitive fun gesture they can create sequences for different animals. The content is on melodic, rhythmic or movement bases. There is no goal, no wrong or right, it’s a safe kit for creation.

Note: We strongly recommend to play LOOPIMAL on iPhone 4s and newer, iPod touch 5th gen, or iPad 2 and newer.


Plan Price Details
LOOPIMAL by YATATOY $3.99 Paid mobile app.


September 29, 2017

Loopimal (Lucas Zanotto, iOS, $3.99; PreS-Gr 3) is the most robust app of the three—the standout that will engage children and parents equally. Music lovers and kinesthetic learners won’t be able to resist. It incorporates concepts of rhythm and sequencing as users choreographs dance routines for bears, hippos, and sloths by sliding different colored blocks into place.

The app starts with one animal, but enthusiastic viewers will quickly find themselves creating dance-offs for up to four animals at a time, developing different music and movement sequences for each creature. Loopimal is addictive fun, a great way for children to learn about…

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