This tool is no longer in service


This tool is no longer in service.

Look2Learn (L2L), a revolutionary AAC software application for the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad allows individuals to work at their communicative level using photographs to express wants and needs. The easy to use system integrates preloaded vocal output so that individuals can use their “voice”. In addition, users are able to record their own personalized audio and pair it with photos!

This user-friendly application was created with the belief that many augmentative systems are either too complicated or lack the ability to customize to the individual’s needs. L2L offers a variety of features that can be quickly learned by the user and offers outstanding individualization. In addition, Look2Learn has a targeted assessment that can be downloaded at www.look2learn.com which will allow for easy setup and precise customization.

With L2L, educators and/or parents are able to adjust picture sizes to assist individuals with fine motor and/or visual challenges. The system comes pre-loaded with over 80 photos distributed into six categories, but can be customized to accommodate the individual’s needs. For example, pictures can be hidden for those who need fewer choices or pictures can be added. Please note that most devices hold up to a total of 140 photos (including the pre-loaded items). This will vary depending on the number of mega pixels of the newly added photos (please note that the 80 existing photos can also be deleted to make more room for customized images).

Look2Learn’s vocal output gets away from the traditional “robotic speech” and allows for the individual to hear and model familiar voices. In addition, there are customization options that include the ability to personalize the “I want” photo (e.g., with a photo of the individual). Look2Learn 2.0 also allows three different photos sizes including a small, medium, and large option.

Look2Learn was developed by an educational team consisting of teachers, a speech therapist, and a school psychologist specializing in educating individuals with communication challenges.

L2L addresses the communication needs of multiple populations including: early development communication enhancement (e.g., a two year old whose cognitive skills currently exceed his or her expressive communication); individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder; individuals who have short or long-term communication challenges due to medical needs; as well as others who have a speech and language disorder.

L2L is currently being used with the Orange County (CA) Department of Education and their “Touch 2 Learn” program promoting communication with students with Autism and students who present with communication challenges.

Visit www.look2learn.com for tutorials that allow you to preview the application. In addition, users are encouraged to read the Look2Learn instructions on the front page of www.look2learn.com

Look 2 Learn – You WILL be a strong communicator!

Please note that if you are recording audio for Look2Learn with an older version of the iPod touch, you will need an external microphone. These can be obtained at the Apple Store or on Amazon.com.


Plan Price Details
Look2Learn $14.99 Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.