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We’re reigniting imaginations with a user-friendly design platform that lets children create real-life anime figures through 3D printing. By allowing children to design and customize 3D characters, children are able to create a 3D character and customize every aspect of their appearance and identity. Users can select and add different costumes to design their 3D figure, and they also have the freedom to change colour, size and position for different add-on accessories. Little You will then bring the 3D model to life with 3D printing, which can be delivered anywhere in the world, and allow children to see the fruits of their artistic efforts in a new way.


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January 3, 2022

Little you is an amazing platform for kids to become creative and have fun. I do really recommend this company to all the parents, teachers and educational organizations who are looking for something different for the kids to explore their creativity. Kids gets lot of ideas to make 3D product using Little You. There are many options available for kids to tru out making variety of products which not only helps in spiking up their ideas but also make them happy to get their desired characters created using this awesome website. With no doubt, the kids would really fall in love with Little you creating 3D products. Dont miss this awesome experience

April 10, 2021

Little You:
Little You, a website that will redefine your expectations of creativity. Yes, Little You not only lets you create some awesome characters and furthermore customize them but also makes a 3D print out of these characters, fascinating isn’t it? Little You is all about personalization, printing and playing, meaning your kids can themselves use their imagination and creativity to make something unique, while through purchases, or reward system you can get a 3D print out that is ready to be delivered to your doorstep. Want to learn more about this cool application? You will find some more stuff about Little You down below.

Character Customization:
Well, the most fun part about Little You is the customization, which not only allows you to physically customize character but also go in complete depth, and by that we mean you can change it piece by piece. Ranging from the modeling features like headwear, glasses, costumes, bags, accessories to even the character expression, you have complete hold of everything.

Color combinations:
The whole character customization in Little You revolved around colors and you have free access to all the colors that you can apply on your character. While the hairs, eyes, mouth, eyebrows and other customizable stuff can be colorized based on your likings.

There is a color slider that comes with the color pickup with brightness configure and color configure, while you can also add new ones through the color code which can be found on the internet. So, you basically have everything revolving around the colors, which can be changed.

For most, the cool stuff is modeling, which can allow you to make the character a pop star, a gentle man and even a maid. While it has limitless possibilities, you can apply certain expressions on the character, making him or her a sad or happy character. It is totally up to you, how the character looks in Little You.

Yes, this application also have all sorts of things, like hairs, shoes, bottom wear, top wear, headwear etc. Through which you can select the one that suits your needs. All of the equipment materials have their own tabs and you can find various types of items, like shoes have all kinds of heels, joggers, slippers inside, through which you can choose your desired one.

Character Saving:
After making a character, wouldn’t it be boring if there was no saving option and you lost all the creative characters. Well, they also got that covered because after you have made a character, you can save the character in the gallery, name him/her and add a bit of description to show which type of character it is and what made you create it.

After saving the character, it is available publicly for people to see them. It’s a type of showcase of your creativity skills that is available to people and they can like it to earn points or 3D print them if they purchase.

Toy to Live:
There are various options you can go for. Like you can create your own unique character through the application and customize it exactly the way you want or if you don’t want to create your own unique character, you can directly search characters and pick them up from the gallery. They will help turn your imagination into reality with the magic of 3D printing.

Reward System:
The whole purpose of Little You is to give children confidence in using the imagination and creativity to create something totally unique and something that is printable. To attract children and people into creating the stuff and liking it, we have a separate reward system, which can allow you to get the 3D print out completely free of cost. The reward system completely revolves around the points, which are earned through one mean or another.

• If you already have characters in the gallery and you continue making more of them, then you earn a point for each character you make.

• You can also refer Little You to your family, friends and social media. If you do this, and the other person follows the link to make an account, then both you and your friends will earn points.

There are various advantages of the reward system, the children get the confidence to make new characters and showcase their creativity, while people get to watch them and further like them.

April 10, 2021

When children play, they enhance their skills in all areas of development: cognitive, physical, communication, and social/emotional. This fantastic platform allows children to test out new ideas and make connections between their previous experiences and their active investigations. It allows the child to design their own toys, adding personalization and reflecting their hobbies, ethnicity and favorite colors. This creativity is wonderful for brain development; as an educator, I know that creative play experiences where children are allowed to take ownership of their creations and develop them at their own pace, can empower them and support other areas of learning. Moving away from the often restricted school curriculum and encouraging little imaginations to run wild is invaluable.

When enabled to make their own decisions during play, children begin to make connections between their choices and the natural consequences of those choices. It promotes problem solving and the development of both self-motivation and self-control, two skills critical for success later in life. Children play because they have a deep desire to understand the world. Play allows opportunities for them to regulate their feelings, delay gratification, and negotiate with others, which helps develop mindfulness as well as the giving the security to try new ideas and experiment.

The peer feedback and interaction on this site can help children work with others to suggest ideas or improvements, all whilst earning rewards for their work. Children of all ages will be absolutely delighted to receive a toy they have designed from start to finish; being able to hold the result of their hard work in their hands and feel an important sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. This site makes the most of the fantastic 3D printing technology available at the moment and gives children the opportunity to create something as unique as they are.