Little Solver – Figural Analogies


Endorsed by tens of thousands of satisfied parents, teachers, and kids the world over.

Who is this for?

The app is ideal for kids ages of all ages and even parents and teachers have been spotted playing Little Solver to see if they can solve all of the figural analogies. :-)

About Little Solver – Figural Analogies:

Little Solver is a fun and exciting game to help kids sharpen their minds by developing critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills. While an analogy is nothing more than a comparison that points out relationships between things that are different, cognitively for kids it plays a significant role in developing analytical reasoning, problem solving, perception, and spatial relational skills.

Figural analogies are also frequently seen on placement tests. Whether you believe in them or not, standardized tests are part of almost every kids life starting as early as 3 years of age. Fortunately, with Little Solver mastering figural analogies is fun and exciting.

This application will help your kids dramatically improve their analytical reasoning skills and give them the confidence to breeze through any test that includes figural analogies.

Forget spending hundreds of dollars on expensive test preparation materials or tutors. This app uses a proven methodology and delivers results at a fraction of the costs.

✔ Includes hundreds of figural analogies

✔ Figural analogies are divided into 14 unique levels so you can focus on developing specific skills at a time

✔ Tested with mothers, teachers, kids, and toddlers

✔ Designed for ease of use even for little kids


✔ Each analogy was carefully chosen and created to teach analytical reasoning skills

✔ Little Solver turns what could be a tedious activity into a fun and exciting game

✔ Includes over 600+ tiles that were individually created

✔ Figural analogies are broken into 14 levels so you can help your child master one skill at a time

✔ Detailed performance tracking – after each game enables you to find out exactly how your child did per level. You can also see the all time player stats

✔ Fun animations and sound effects keep kids engaged

✔ Little Solver make learning fun. The player starts with three hearts and have to answer questions correctly to stay in the game

✔ Supports 4 unique learning modes

1) Random game mode – see a random question each time

2) Continuous game mode – advance one level after 2 correct answers

3) Answer all game mode – In this game mode the player has to answer all questions correctly. This way the application focuses automatically on the players weaknesses so that they can develop the core skills they are lacking

4) See all game mode – In this game mode you see each question once. This mode is ideal to assess the players current skill level to identify which level needs the most reinforcement

✔ This app is FULLY customizable – you can record everything in your own voice!

✔ Playable both in portrait and landscape mode

✔ Multi-sensory learning tool – combining audio, voice, and written words

✔ Multi-language support. You can update all critical audio files so that you child can play the game regardless of their native language

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September 15, 2013

Great tool for cognitive testing.