What is Literably?

Literably is a classroom tool that helps elementary teachers monitor students’ progress in reading. The site administers and scores oral reading assessments, so teachers can spend less time assessing and more time teaching.

How does it work?

Pick levels and readings – Literably supports grade levels and guided reading levels. Choose readings or let Literably choose them for you.

Assess students – Each student reads aloud to Literably. You can rotate students through a station or test the whole class at once!

Get hassle-free data – For each reading, Literably generates an audio recording, a running record, words correct per minute, percentage accuracy and a leveling recommendation (up, down or stay).

Share data with others – Print or email to share with students, parents and administrators.

What are the benefits of Literably?

For teachers: Monitoring students’ reading is important, but administering oral reading assessments takes hours of class time. Literably takes care of the administration, scoring and tracking, so teachers can spend more time responding to student needs.

For students: Matching students with appropriately challenging texts is extremely important for reading growth and engagement. An overly difficult text evades comprehension, while an unchallenging text offers little opportunity to master new words and concepts. Literably makes it easy to match students with the books that are right for them.

For parents: Parents want to know how their children are doing. Literably makes it easy for teachers to engage parents by sharing meaningful examples of student growth.


Plan Price Details
Basic Account Free Includes 15 free graded recordings per month.


November 16, 2015

If you are an elementary teacher you know the benefit of doing running records on students to chart their reading abilities and track growth over time. You may also know that running records are time intensive to do and that you often have to rely on outside help to do it more than a once or twice a year. looks to help with the process to the point where a student can simply record their reading, and like magic, a teacher recieves a report within 24 hours. Concerns It is…

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