The best way to learn about electronics and programming.

Build quickly

Build circuits in seconds with our magnetically snapping blocks. Explore the wonderful world of electronics and discover how things work.

Learn interactively

Learn with our app. Just take a picture of your project and our app will see what you made and help you with the next steps.

Program your world

We’ve partnered with Codebender, so you can program hardware right from your browser. With 100s of projects to get started with you’ll be making awesome projects in no time.


Plan Price Details
LightUp Learning apps Free This is a free companion app for LightUp Learning kits. Works on iOS, Android, and the Web.
Edison Kit $49.99 Learn electronics: Welcome to the wonderful world of electronics! Get ready to build creative projects that will help you understand how the technology around you works.
Tesla Kit $99.99 Learn programming: Dream up hundreds of projects that do whatever you want them to do! With the power of code, you’re only limited by your imagination. Build a burglar alarm, theremin, and so much more.


May 15, 2015

Electronics kits have come a long way since I was a child! I remember using wires with crocodile clips, screw in bulb holders, and regular batteries to make circuits. It was magical seeing your circuit work and the bulb light up, but it was frustrating too as wires often broke, crocodile clips detached and the circuits fell apart. Fast forward, several years, (we won’t go into how many!) and my daughter is discovering the magic of creating electrical circuits but with a kit light years ahead of anything I had. I recently had the opportunity to test out the Edison…

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