LearnSprout makes it easy to onboard schools and districts to your application.

Every school using our platform can install your application in one click. If you are looking to integrate with an SIS, don't waste time doing it yourself. We'll do it for you!

Get rid of all your manual integrations

No more exports of CSV files and dropping them in FTP servers or emailing of sensitive information. LearnSprout removes all of those pain points away and provides you with a simple API

Simple to use APIs

We're building our APIs to be the most simple set of building blocks ever. Our entire team is full of developers who know how to build awesome APIs.

No more separate logins and passwords

LearnSprout helps you consolidate all your logins and passwords to 1 account. That means no more remembering all those different usernames and urls. In fact if you have a chrome browser you can take advantage of it right now by downloading our Google Chrome Extension

Try out any application with one click

No more entering your information in numerous forms to try out applications. Just click once to try an application out!

No more invite codes or manually adding your class data

LearnSprout will setup the application for you with one click for you. No more invite codes again!

For Administrators: No more time consuming manual integrations

Let's say no to manual CSV exports and dropping them in FTP servers or manual emailing of data. LearnSprout helps schools and districts remove the costly and time consuming process of onboarding data into applications.

It's free for schools

That's right. All those costly integrations - gone.

Safe and Secure

Your data is only shared with developers who you trust and authorize. Privacy and security are our top priority here at LearnSprout. We even brought in the folks from Google to ensure your data is secure.

Compatible with LearnSprout

To see a list of tools that work with LearnSprout, look for the Compatible with LearnSprout tag.


School districts
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We've been currently building our APIs with the guidance and advice from a bunch of developers and schools. We will soon open up our APIs to the public.


Hack Education

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Usually when I interview a startup’s founders and prepare to write a story about them and their product, I ask for screenshots. I could grab them myself, I suppose, but the ones that founders share can be pretty telling: it’s an opportunity for them to show me what they think are their most interesting or important features, their most eye-catching design, their best use-case. The LearnSprout co-founders laughed when I said I was skipping my typical screenshot request...

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