Language Guide


This project is sponsored by Language Guide, a non-profit organization. It aims to develop three types of resources.

Pictorial Vocabulary Guides

The pictorial vocabulary guide contains image based pages as well as complementary pages with adjectives, verbs, and expressions. Place your cursor over an object or text to hear it pronounced aloud.

When using the pictorial guides it’s best to participate in an active way. Guess the word – even say it aloud yourself – and let the voice you hear be your friendly tutor that either corrects or confirms your guess.

Interactive Readings

Interactive readings help develop comprehension skills and build vocabulary.

  • Click on any word, the sound track will start up at that location
  • Pause the reading, and the word that was being read is highlighted.
  • Place your cursor over an underlined word, the definition will be displayed.
  • Place your cursor over a underlined punctuation mark, and the translation for that sentence will appear.

Grammar Guides

Experimental introductory grammar guides have been developed for French, Spanish, and English. In the long-term, Language Guide plans on developing an open source tool that hooks into mediawiki to generate sound integrated pages. Sound integrated grammar guides could then be developed leveraging the capabilities of mediawiki.


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August 30, 2012

We have a language lab where students can work on the computer and do listening exercises. I am going to use this product to reinforce vocabulary. It will help students when they have a specific topic for writing or oral projects to have all the words that they need in one place and to be able to practice the pronunciation. I also like the popup definitions in the readings. I do wish it had more interactive activities.