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Lalilo is an innovative, visually engaging, standards-aligned literacy software program for K-2 students and teachers. Our program supports literacy learning and instruction through interactive and developmentally appropriate exercises for students and extensive data tracking and planning tools for teachers. We support learning and instruction across all components of literacy, including phonological and phonemic awareness, letter and word recognition, comprehension and fluency, vocabulary, writing, and social literacy. Lalilo strives to provide students with a comprehensive, supportive, engaging, and fun learning environment to promote independence, proficiency, and a love for literacy. In addition, we aim to increase efficiency and efficacy for teachers by providing valuable data and planning tools.


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Lalilo Free Free for use.


Primary/Elementary Teacher
July 8, 2021

Lalilo is a student-friendly app that allows for pretty independent learning and I enjoy using this program with my students. It is easy to set up and navigate. I find that there are many programs out there for students where they need help to get started or have questions along the way, but Lalilo is very straightforward. This is a great tool to gain feedback on the literacy skill development of the students. One disadvantage to using this program that I did notice was that the content itself covers more national and state learning standards. As a Canadian teacher, it does not specifically cover individual province-wide curriculums.