LabsLand connects schools and universities with real laboratories available somewhere else on the Internet. A real laboratory can be a small arduino-powered robot in Spain, a kinematics setup in Brazil or a radioactivity testing lab in Australia. They are real laboratories, not simulations: the laboratories are physically there, and students from these schools and universities access them.

Accessing labs

Schools and universities

If you are a teacher or a lecturer who wants to increase the experiential learning of your students by using real laboratories, register your institution. You can use our laboratories either by subscribing to the different packs we offer —e.g., different laboratories— or by doing other services —translations, becoming a representative, etc.—. LabsLand integrates in many learning management systems (Moodle, Blackboard, Sakai, Canvas and others) and offers analytics panels so you can monitor your students’ progress.

Providing labs

Universities, makers, companies

If you have equipment that you want to make available through LabsLand, we can help. We have developed different Open Source and proprietary tools to create laboratories (such as weblablib) and we can help or even develop your laboratory as a partnership. Once the laboratory is in LabsLand, you get a compensation, which can be available in different forms: revenue, exchange of access to other laboratories —for you or for your partners—, translations or LabsLand services.


Plan Price Details
Custom $1.99/year per student Choose the features you need. Choose the labs you need.
Standard $4.99/year per student All of the features. Most of the labs.
Advanced $9.99/year per student All of the features. All of the labs.
Personal $4.99/year For individual users and homeschooling. The features you need. All of the labs.