KungFu Skeeter


Summer's here and it's Skeeter time. Skeeter SQUASHING time that is.

Prop up your iPad, stand back, and waves those arms in the air to see how many Skeeters you can squash! Watch out for swarm mode when those suckers get serious. Let's see your skeeter squashing flare while you attempt to smash every last dive-bombing pest. Capture your sweet Kung-Fu moves on video and send to your friends or just watch yourself over and over in all your heroic glory.

Shadow touch technology unlocks a whole new way to play with your iPad. Stand your iPad up, step back, and watch your movements trigger actions on the screen.

Fun Features:

  • Shadow Touch makes for some active skeeter squashing. Stand back!
  • Video-enabled game play captures you in action!
  • Watch, save, and share your awesome Skeeter videos with friends

Tadami Video Playground

  • Kung-Fu Skeeter is powered by the Tadami Video Playground where you can play games, create fun videos, and share within trusted groups.


Plan Price Details
KungFu Skeeter Free Compatible with iPad.