Kodable – Programming Curriculum for Elementary.


The furry aliens, known as Fuzzes were exploring space when their ship unexpectedly crashed on the maze-covered planet Smeeborg. The naturally curious fuzzes need kids to program them to explore all the colorful Technomazes on the planet’s surface.


Upload your roster for easy sign on, get lesson plans, and track what concepts and standards students are learning when you create a free account at Kodable.com. (Homeschool and Parent curriculum available as well)


Even before your children can pronounce the word “algorithm” they have an astounding ability to learn how to use them. Today’s best programmers fell in love with coding at a young age by experimenting with the concepts taught in Kodable. Understanding the basics of programming empowers your child for the jobs of tomorrow, and expands your child’s mind to solve problems today in more intelligent ways. Kids learn the fundamentals of every modern programming language in a fun and inviting way.

  • Sequence/ Order of operations
  • Algorithmic operations
  • Conditional logic statements
  • Problem solving skills
  • Higher level thinking skills
  • Collaboration skills
  • Communication skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Common Core Standards
  • CSTA Standards
  • English Computing Targets and Programmes of Study


Plan Price Details
Kodable iPad app Free Free award winning game and accompanying curriculum, is designed to teach the basics of computer coding to kids 5 and up.
Kodable School Contact for details Offers a full computer science curriculum, administrative tools, professional development support, and more.
Get it all! $6.99 In-app purchase.
Loopy Lagoon $4.99 In-app purchase.
Function Junction $4.99 In-app purchase.
Kodable Parent Plan $20 One time purchase, no subscriptions! Try the basic content for free or purchase all content for one price.


August 3, 2017

Excellent tool! Highly engaging and motivating for my elementary students. Tool is perfect to provide students will applying and practicing foundational coding skills and concepts. Improvements keep making an already great product even better.

Teacher and Co Founder of Geddit
December 11, 2013

This app is fantastic! So much thought has gone into the design which will keep your children engaged while they move through the levels! Highly recommend it!