This tool is no longer in service


This tool is no longer in service.

Do you remember your favorite teachers? We do. We remember how they inspired us and how good we felt about learning. We remember how they were able to help us grasp concepts that otherwise we never quite understood.

At Knowmia, we believe in the power of individualized learning. We believe that for each individual student there are great teachers who can bring content to life in just the right way for that student's learning style.

We are building the largest and most comprehensive marketplace for short-form video educational content and the tools for teachers to create and publish outstanding content. We believe that finding the right teacher and teaching style for each student makes education an energizing, magical learning experience. We want everyone to have that opportunity.

Knowmia For Students

Knowmia is where you find the best teacher for you. We make it our mission to help you find online lessons that match your learning style from the best teachers — anywhere. It's like having great teachers lining up to help you grasp key concepts that you need to learn and in a way that you learn best. Each teacher has a different overall approach, pace, personality, use of visual aids, etc. We let you try lessons from different teachers. You tell us what you like and we try to give you more options in that style.

The lessons you can find on Knowmia come from great teachers everywhere. They prepare lessons for their own students and you get to choose those that most suit you. In addition, we go out and find the best lessons that are available publicly out there on the web. We filter out lessons of poor quality and make the good lessons easily searchable using learning subjects and search tags.

Knowmia For Parents

We started Knowmia in order to democratize access to the most gifted teachers in every field. We know how challenging and expensive it can be to supplement your child's education. We want to make all of the best educational content in the world available to you and your child with the click of a mouse.

Knowmia is a safe environment where your child can explore and find answers quickly with teachers who match their learning style and personality. We try to cover every topic for every age, though initially you may find that some topics will require additional time to become more robust.

Knowmia offers a window into your child's education. As students navigate through our library of video lessons, you can begin to better understand not only what they are learning, but also what kind of teachers work best for them. We offer you a free resource and a community of like-minded parents.

Knowmia For Teachers

At Knowmia, we believe that great teachers should have the opportunity to access a larger audiences. You inspire us, and we believe that you deserve to have the latest tools, for free, so it's easier to create and publish great lessons outside the traditional textbook.

Knowmia enables teachers to create and publish compelling lessons for students — anywhere. With Knowmia Teach, and an iPad, teachers can create clear, concise and engaging lessons on any topic. It's like a thought organizer mixed with a recording studio, only simple and fun to use.

In addition to the large community on, we help teachers engage with their own students at school. With myKnowmia, teachers can manage video-based home assignments incorporating lessons and assessment. Teachers can track their students' progress in real time and personalize the content for the needs of each student. It's a free and simple tool to implement "flipped-teaching" in your own classroom with lessons that you create or select for your class' specific needs.


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Knowmia Free Knowmia is a free tool for allowing teachers to use short video lessons with their students.