KineScript: Visual Programming


KineScript is a visual programming language that children can learn a code and share it. It’s easy to make a scene with built-in sprite characters, stage images and sounds library.

Drag a script and build the script block to control the flow and to change the behaviour. You can build animations, games and stories easily to share them by email.

Designed for children, but for all the ages who want to learn a code.


  1. Built-in characters, stage images and sounds library.
  2. Support user defined variable.
  3. Built-in script paletts; Character controls and animation functions, stage controls, if/while conditions, sub-routine, math operations, sound controls, coloured-tracing and particle effects.
  4. Script inspector to change the number, colour, math operations and change a sprite or sound easily.
  5. Dragging a script to easily to attach or detach to build block to work.
  6. Support full screen player window to run or to edit the scene.
  7. Export to email and import from it.
  8. Include easy how to guide.

KineScript is inspired by Scratch by MIT Media Lab.


Plan Price Details
KineScript: Visual Programming $4.99 This app is designed for iPad.