Kids Book Report


CREATIVE WRITING SPEAKS VOLUMES! What have your kids read during the holidays? A funny book, Novel, a fiction book? Have they watched a movie worth talking about, have they played a game that fascinates them? Well, they can write about it in the form of a book report.

Summarizing a book into a report speaks volumes. It tells a teacher and a parent (if they are paying keen attention) some cool things about their kids. It shows the kid’s ability to comprehend stuff: story or material that they came across ( via a book, movie, games, plays, libraries, school, fun time etc ), It shows their understanding of emotions, some fun facts they read, characters they came across and relate to. They try to figure out what the author is trying to convey/where the story is heading.

When they are asked to write a book report (which is part of school curriculum) by the teacher or a parent, they will need to articulate what they read, summarize in a nutshell facts in the book, characters in the story line, and importantly what they thought about the book, and why and what they found interesting.

Teachers can also gain a insight into kids likes & dislikes, how much they understood the story/material, how the kids creative writing is developing.

Please! Please! encourage your boys and girls to write about anything and everything they come across like trips to the zoo, stories they read, about a movie they watched and what they liked in it etc …

The book report app enables kids to write following details:

  • book information
  • title, author
  • when and where the story takes place,
  • who are the main characters
  • what was the main problem
  • what was the solution
  • How does the kid like the book

The app would convert book report into a PDF document. The book report can be shared via email.


Plan Price Details
Kids Book Report $0.99 Compatible with iPad.


March 2, 2013

A great iPad app for teaching kids how to write a book review.