Journey North


Journey North is a free, Internet-based program presented by Annenberg Learner, a division of the Annenberg Foundation.

Seasonal change is all around us. We see it in the length of a day, in the appearance of a flower, in the flight of a butterfly. Journey North engages students and citizen scientists around the globe in tracking wildlife migration and seasonal change. Participants share field observations across the northern hemisphere, exploring the interrelated aspects of seasonal change.

Sunlight and the Seasons

Discovering how sunlight drives seasonal change by tracking changes in day length, or photoperiod.

Plants and the Seasons

Exploring plant growth in tulip test gardens, running an experiment to track the arrival of spring.

Seasonal Migrations

Following animal migrations. Observing, reporting, and tracking travels across the hemisphere.


Plan Price Details
Journey North Free Journey North is a free Internet-based program. Registration is required for anyone planning to submit reports.
Journey North DVD and Guide $39.95 4 modules totaling one hour (Introduction to Journey North, Seasonal Migrations, Plants and the Seasons, Sunlight and the Seasons) on 1 DVD and Professional Development Workshop Guide.


January 17, 2013

Journey North is a project-based, collaborative site where classrooms and kids can participate in scientific observations across North America. Students can track and report the growth of tulips, the migration of birds, or the amount of daylight during the year. My favorite project is the Symbolic Butterfly Migration whereby student-created butterflies “fly” to the wintering grounds in Mexico before returning home in the spring.