Whether you are practicing or performing: with iRollMusic your hands never leave the keyboard. However, the app can do more than just turn pages. Whether you need to add fingerings, prepare repertoire or plan gigs: iRollMusic let’s you manage your sheet music library on the iPad. Tape, pencils and crumpled scores are definitely a thing of the past.


  • scroll PDF sheetmusic using two different scroll styles
  • manually turn pages
  • annotate your scores with text and freehand annotations
  • create playlists of your scores to plan your gigs
  • organize your scores in a comfortable library
  • print your music
  • share your scores with your friends
  • Dropbox integration


Plan Price Details
iRollMusic $7.99 Compatible with iPad.


April 4, 2013

I compared several different sheet-music reading programs, and this one is my favorite. It is fairly easy to set up a PDF score to scroll automatically by tagging the measures and setting the tempo. You can identify different time signatures for different measures, and set particular measures to be slower or faster than others. You can also add repeats, first and second endings, etc. As I teach chorus, though, my students can turn their own pages and do not need this feature.

In terms of annotating, it is nice that the app allows students to automatically add some musical symbols in addition to marking up the music with a pen. It does not seem to have an audio annotation tool, however. I decided to have my students use iAnnotate instead, largely because they use it for English class, and find that it has many useful customizable features.