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Ages of learners

This publication is an essential beginner’s reference for teachers at all levels of primary and secondary schooling, inclusive of special needs, regular stream and gifted students, who are intending to use, or are currently using, iPads and other iOS devices (iPods, etc) to augment their lessons.


iPads In the Classroom
This book is available for download on your iPad with iBooks or on your computer with iTunes.


Phil Fite

Technology pre-k - 12 at Lipscomb Academy

Friday, April 26, 2013

Not a digital textbook.
A digital book selling iPads.
Dave Wingler

Teacher at Osaka Kunei

Monday, March 04, 2013

I found this ebook to be an incredible resource for integrating iPads in my school. It is a reference for teachers teaching all levels of school from special needs, regular stream to gifted students and comes with an essential and well researched 'App'-endix which showcases a variety of apps for classroom use.
John McCann

Educational Technology Consultant at FuturaGroup

Saturday, March 02, 2013

This is a brilliant free resource that I recommend to all teachers. I came across it via the Los Angeles Apple Education Update (coordinated by Dave Douglas from Apple Education). The free book covers nearly everything any teacher or integration specialist would need to know about an iPad roll out and contains valuable tips (and case studies) for using iPads in the classroom. There's a great review of this book on Edudemic as well: http://edudemic.com/2013/01/how-to-overcome-the-ipad-learning-curve/

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