Intro to Geography

This tool is no longer in service


This tool is no longer in service.

Learn the shapes, names, flags and geographical locations of the countries in North America, through puzzles, challenges and drawing exercises.

Based on the proven methodology of Montessori.

Your Child Will Learn:

  • To identify the countries of North America
  • To discern the shapes of the countries
  • To recognize the flags of North America
  • The development of spatial relationships
  • Individual position in relationship to the world
  • Fine motor skills and vocabulary

Intro to Geography includes the following activities in an app specially designed for the iPad:

  • SHAPES OF THE COUNTRIES – Through an engaging, interactive puzzle exercise, we focus on the shapes of the countries.
  • NAMES OF THE COUNTRIES – In a series of challenging activities, we learn the names of the countries, finding their location on the map.
  • SHAPES, NAMES, AND PLACES – Using the puzzle map, we work to develop name recognition, spatial relationship, and geographical location.
  • FULL MAP CHALLENGE – Put your knowledge to the test, with a full scale, interactive puzzle map of North America.
  • MATCHING – Match the name of the country, to its corresponding puzzle map shape, in this dynamic drawing exercise.
  • FLAGS – Tapping through the various flags of each country, we come to identify their unique characteristics.
  • MATCHING FLAGS TO THEIR COUNTRY – In a series of engaging activities, we match the flags to their associated countries, through drawing exercises.

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Intro to Geography - North America, by Montessorium $3.99 Compatible with iOS devices.