Interactive Augmented Reality Human Heart

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Free and premium resources to teach biology.

This Augmented Reality (AR) heart is a unique new way of bringing science lessons to life.

Compatible with all iOS devices, all you have to do is click ‘download now’, choose the Augmented Reality (AR) tab and watch as a photo-realistic interactive heart magically appears on the screen.

This Augmented Reality (AR) model offers a rare opportunity to show children what the human heart looks like in 3D and how it functions.

AR resources like this interactive heart are also great for curious children who like to learn by ‘doing’ instead of just listening.


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Interactive Augmented Reality Human Heart Free Free for use.


October 13, 2020

This tool is absolutely exceptional – a 3D model of the human heart to demonstrate its functions. Quick and easy to download and brings the concept of human biology to life in an easy to understand format. As most children are now adept at using a smart phone or tablet, this is the perfect way to bolster their understanding using technology they understand and modern, ground breaking, AR (augmented reality) technology.