Show of hands, re-invented

Capture people’s opinion in a few clicks: Yes or No questions, ratings, or number input. New questions appear instantly. Share results on Twitter and Facebook.

3 is also a crowd

Pulse audiences of any size for free using mobile devices: from a small group of friends to hundreds of participants at events or on-the-spot democracies.

Zero setup, no installs

Built for the web & mobile era, it’s a web app that works in any browser. Use your mobile, tablet or computer to join vibes based on your location or a shared URL.


Plan Price Details
instavibe Free Free to use. We'll be releasing premium features in the future, but all current features will always remain free.


Director of Innovation & Technology
November 19, 2015

Instavibe allows teachers ask questions in a live setting and capture students’ opinions or responses in a few clicks. Teachers orally ask Yes or No questions, or ask for a rating or number input from students, who enter their responses via the Instavibe screen on any Internet-connected device. Students’ votes appear live on the teacher’s screen, and can be broadcast for sharing.