iMindMap is your limitless workspace for brainstorming ideas, note-taking during meetings or lectures, organising tasks, planning events, creating and delivering presentations and so much more.

iMindMap is packed with intuitive, time-saving features to help lighten the load from your busy schedule and add a touch of creativity to everything you do.

So, ditch the endless lists and dull slideshows and take refuge from the status quo with the creative tool for all tasks, iMindMap.

iMindMap is the ONLY Mind Mapping app bearing the badge of approval from inventor of Mind Maps, Tony Buzan.

PLEASE NOTE: iMindMap syncs your maps between all your supporting devices, so will ask you to sign up for a free account on the first start.

Feature highlights:

  • Create and deliver stunning presentations
  • Limited access to iMindMap Cloud, allowing access to your maps from any iMindMap Cloud enabled version of iMindMap
  • Open .imx email attachments from iMindMap desktop
  • Add Audio Notes, web links and text notes
  • Colourful Image Library
  • Templates to get you started fast
  • Brand new Sketch Tool
  • Inbuilt SmartLayout technology to keep your maps tidy
  • Tailor your maps with Styles & Freehand Branches
  • Undo/redo feature to quickly amend or alter your Mind Maps

The following features are available through an in-app subscription to iMindMap Freedom:

  • Access to iMindMap Cloud, iMindMap Online and iMindMap apps on other mobile devices
  • Insert images from your own Photo Album or even take photos whilst using the app from your camera for a completely unique and personalised Mind Map
  • Schedule Tasks to stay on top of it all with start dates, finish dates and duration times
  • Insert Floating Text and Floating Ideas
  • Export as Image (PNG/PDF) and IMX files
  • Speed Mind Mapping Function
  • Create new Folders to store and order your maps by date or alphabetical order
  • Tidy up and balance your maps in an instant with the Clean Up button
  • Premium Technical Support


Plan Price Details
iMindMap Free This app is designed for Android Phone, Android Tablet, iPhone, iPad, and web.
iMindMap Home & Student $85.00/month per user Compatible with Mac & Windows. Exclusive SmartLayout tools to save time. Customisable styles and Expand & Collapse for full control. MultiMaps and Focus tool for managing complex info. Audio Notes to record ideas. 30 day subscription to iMindMap Freedom.
iMindMap Ultimate $256.00/month per user Compatible with Mac & Windows. Full and complete feature set. Exclusive 3D View. Presentation builder. Project management tools and flowcharts. Full integration with Microsoft Office and OpenOffice. Activate on 2 computers for work and home. 3 month subscription to iMindMap Freedom.
iMindMap Freedom $20.99/year iMindMap mobile apps. iMindMap Cloud - access your maps anywhere. Our online editor - edit maps from any browser. WayBack - revert to previous revisions of maps.
iMindMap Edu $13.99 iMindMap EDU is a Mind Mapping app designed to encourage creative thinking, boost memory and enhance engagement. It is the perfect visual thinking tool for teachers and for students.
Teacher Template Pack $1.99 In-app purchase.
Marketing Template Pack $1.99 In-app purchase.
Business Template Pack $1.99 In-app purchase.
iMindMap Plus for iPhone $9.99 In-app purchase.
iMindMap HD Plus for iPad $13.99 In-app purchase.
iMindMap Freedom 30 Days $2.99 In-app purchase.
iMindMap Freedom 12 Months $20.99 In-app purchase.