IEPPal is an iPad based data collection tool that enables Special Education Professionals of ALL DISCIPLINES from Speech and Language to OTs to Autism and even General Ed to capture observed student event data. Designed around an emerging touch screen handheld market, IEPPal's primary aim is to allow for data to be collected easily during structured sit down sessions or in ad-hoc field environments. The goal is to allow an educator to quickly assemble usable statistical data for periodic student progress reporting. IEPPal eliminates the hassle of data sheets and score logs that are used in today's world that must be hand tallied to produce progress reporting.

With IEPPal, you may chart progress towards defined goals and objectives for each student with simple touch based prompts on your device. Once completed, your event logs are synchronized with a central data storage area, and summarized progress reports and graphs are just a few mouse clicks away. Gone are the days of fumbling with folders full of log sheets and calculators for each student just to calculate progress. Your time can be utilized assessing the results, not formulating them.

If you are an special educator with an average case load, IEPPal will save you literally hundreds of hours per year by relieving the time required to tabulate your data for semi-annual and quarterly reporting. This translates into instant financial savings for your organization, but more importantly, it frees up your most valuable asset – YOUR TIME!



Plan Price Details
iPad app Free Compatible with iPad.
Individual License $95/year Individual licenses allow Special Education Professional's to manage their specific case load.
District License $1500/year + $125/user A district level license allows for datasharing and tracking throughout a child's history within the district – from teacher to teacher and grade to grade.


November 3, 2012

Helps school counselors and other educators with students individualized plans.