Historypin is a way for people to come together to share and celebrate local history. It consists of a shared archive, a mutually supportive community and a collaborative approach to engagement with local history.

Digital Platform

Historypin.org is a free website where anyone can upload and create collections of historical photos, videos and sounds.


65,000 individuals and community groups as well as 2,500 libraries, archives, museums, schools in 2,600 cities are using Historypin.

Local Engagement

People around the world are running local Historypin activities with their communities.


Plan Price Details
Historypin Free Free for use.


Technology Mentor
May 30, 2013

Historypin is a site that allows users to pin historical photos, videos, audio recordings and personal recollections of the past on maps. Students can interview senior members of the community and gather photos and stories about the places they live.