Happy Numbers


Does your classroom setup include a math center that delivers results?

While you teach small groups, Happy Numbers provides individualized instruction for the rest of the class as an independent math center.

Driven by pedagogy and supported by technology (not vice versa), we teach students to “think math”: students explore the meaning behind the math, building upon simple concepts to create connections and develop deep understanding.

As your students learn with Happy Numbers, Happy Numbers learns about them. It scaffolds instruction and gives feedback based on each individual student’s level and progress — it’s like having a teacher assistant for each student in your class! The easy-to-read reports let you monitor each student’s progress to determine who has mastered a concept and who needs more support.

Teachers who used it last year are back to repeat the benchmark success of their students! Are you in?

Here’s some of the love we get from our teachers:

“Happy Numbers has made our instruction now in our number id/number sense units Soooooo much easier as the students have already explored and mastered many of the benchmarks on their own.” – George, NJ

“FYI….my class scored high above the other second grade in our building on our end of year math testing. Our district continues to make monetary cuts, but I am going to fight for Happy Numbers in the fall. ????” – Janet, WI

“This website was so instrumental in preparing my students for all the demands of meeting the common core state standards, standardized test, classroom and homework practice.” – Shirley, WI

“The manipulative features are very child friendly and add a dimension of virtual “hands on” practice.” – Ann, KS

“A student just pulled me over to his desk and said, ‘this is awesome…I love it!'” – Happy Math Jackie (My new nickname!), WI

“So, overall, I can say that Happy Numbers makes Happy Teachers and Happy Successful Students! Keep up the good work!!” – Gina, AR


Plan Price Details
Single Classroom License $99/classroom Your first 30 days are free. License through June 30, 2017. Good for up to 40 students and 1 teacher!
Multiple Classroom License Custom quote We will provide you with a custom quote based on the number of classrooms in your building/district.