Halloween Hangman


A classic game of Hangman with a Halloween theme and a wise-cracking skeleton! This is a port of the original Halloween Hangman created by The Dimension’s Edge, Inc. It has close to 200 words and a variety of comments from the skeleton. All the words are in English.


Plan Price Details
Halloween Hangman Online Free Free Flash-based game.
Halloween Hangman App $0.99 Compatible with Android Phone, Android Tablet, iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.


January 12, 2013

I absolutely love this site! Initially called “Halloween Hangman,” it has since been adapted to include other holidays such as Thanksgiving and the Fourth of July. A skeleton taunts the player as they work to solve the word puzzle. The correct solution results in a scatter of applause while an incorrect answer results in further taunts by the skeleton host. Not your typical hangman site, the rich vocabulary is perfect for middle grade students.