Hakitzu: Code of the Warrior


Hakitzu is a strategy game like no other; build your ultimate robot warriors, learn JavaScript coding skills and fight your friends in battle arenas.

Code to fight. Fight to survive. Survive to win.

As featured on CNN.

*Compatible with Ipad 2 and above only. Ipad 1 not supported.

Brought to you by Kuato Studios, Hakitzu teaches the JavaScript language through controlling mighty battle robots in a dangerous sport of the future. Use your new found coding ability to plan your moves, code your robot warriors and execute your path to victory. Learn to code or prepare to be hacked!


  • FREE to play
  • Compete against friends!
  • No knowledge of coding required
  • Learn to program in JavaScript as you play
  • Customize your robot warriors!
  • Three awesome challenging arenas
  • Stunning 3D visuals and effects


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Hakitzu: Code of the Warrior - Learn javascript coding in turn based robot strategy game Free Compatible with iPad.