Hairy Letters


Learn the names and sounds of each letter with the Hairies. AWARD WINNING APP! Education Resources Award.

  • Trace the letter shape with your finger.
  • Play games to build letters into simple words.
  • Letter sounds come to life with animated characters.
  • Learn to blend letter sounds.
  • Includes upper case letter names.
  • Multi-sensory learning by specialist teachers.
  • Letters are introduced in six color-coded stages

Designed for 4-6 years.

English (United States).

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Plan Price Details
Hairy Letters $3.99 Paid mobile app.


October 29, 2013

FYI app is not free

tutor / home schooler
October 2, 2013

How do I use it with my students?
– Short bursts of time is best for young children when learning new things. Using this App for 10 minutes each day will help your child to learn their sounds.
– It is a great way to revise sounds before your child does a reading / writing / spelling activity.
– It is also a great refresher and reward incentive for use after completing a reading / writing / spelling activity.

What Children learn from the App
– The 26 sounds of the alphabet.
– Recognize both upper and lower case letters.
– Practice handwriting skills for the 26 letters by watching animations and tracing with their finger. This promotes motor skills development and preparation for moving onto writing on paper.
– Spell and make simple 3 – 5 letter words.

Why is it fun?
– The characters are fuzzy hairy little monsters that kids love.
– It is filled with fun animations.
– Letters are learned while watching animations with sounds.
– The hairy monsters do a fun dance that motivates children.
– It appeals to a wide range of learning styles due to its vibrant colors, animations and sounds.

This game can easily be played independently.