gzaas is a web service to create marvellous huge messages!. And to associate them to links that you can paste anywhere!

Why, why, WHY?

Think about the following situation. You want to say anything to a friend via Internet (email, facebook, twitter) but the possibilities of making your message more powerful are limited. The fonts used in social networks are boring! an standard black 11px Tahoma for Facebook, black 15px arial for Twitter…and again and again for comments on blogs, forums, etc.


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gzaas Free Free for use.


July 7, 2014

This site generates a giant message of your choice and lets you choose the font, background and colors. Not a tool I use very often, but I sometimes generate a message like: “Good work!” “Congratulations!” “You did it!” I often use a shortened URL or QR code so it is a real surprise to students. Easy to use!