GRE Flash Cards App


The GRE Flash Cards App now comes with reminders and a learning plan to select how many words you want to learn per day. With notification badges that indicate the remaining words you need to learn, you are sure to keep up with your learning plan.

The GRE Flash Cards App provides the most comprehensive word list with the most required words to ace any competitive exam! With over 1800 words, their meanings, synonyms and examples of usage, this is the most comprehensive reference word list in the app store.

Words are grouped together in easy to view categories. Word Lists are further organized by alphabet and then by their read / unread status. You can mark a word as favorite for quick reference at a later date.

Learn words in the popular "flashcards vocabulary learning" method. The meaning of the word will appear only after you "turn the card over". Use the search to find a particular flashcard quickly. Words are marked as read and unread so that you can start from the last unread word when you return to a particular word list.

A quick, effortless test ensures that you have actually learned all the words in the list by asking you the closest meaning of a given word. Words and their meanings are shown in "Review Mode" once you finish answering a question.

The Progress Report allows for an at-a-glance view of your progress for the word list.

See how many words you have reviewed, how many words remain and how many you got right in the tests.


  • Inbuilt quizzes and tests to revise learnt words.
  • Reminders and learning planner.
  • Progress tracking.
  • 1800+ words including their meanings, synonyms, examples of usage, etc.


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GRE Flash Cards App Free Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.


August 31, 2012

GRE Flash Cards is a great way to help prepare students for the GRE. They can learn the words through the use of electronic flash cards. In addition, the application makes use of tests in order to assess your progress. Also, the application has the ability to record your progress as you learn the words and their meanings. This would be a great tool for high school juniors and seniors. In addition, students in a community college might want to sharpen their skills. I use the GRE Flash Cards in order to improve my vocabulary.