Gravity Launch


Welcome to Gravity Launch, where you will pilot a rocket in a series of challenging missions to dock with space stations.

Adjust your launch point to send your spaceship out in the right direction and your thrust to give your craft more (or less) oomph. But remember! Earth and the moon both have gravity that must be overcome in order not to wreck your ship before you reach your destination.

Start out with Get to Orbit and Land on the Moon missions to perfect your technique with the controls and then go forth on the mission of your choosing. They’re divided into three levels of difficulty.

Play on your own or race against a friend!


  • Single-player mode: Three levels, each containing four games
  • Two-player mode: Four games of increasing difficulty ready for head-to-head play
  • Free play: The Gravity Launch equivalent of a Zen sand garden, where you can create interesting patterns
  • Educational information about gravity
  • Customizable colors and in-game snapshot button
  • Sign in option for multiple users sharing one iPad

This app was developed by AAAS/Science NetLinks, a free online resource for teachers and students. For more science activities and interactives visit


Plan Price Details
Gravity Launch Free This app is designed for Android and iPad.